I’d worked all years thinking that I was going to achieve a lot, until it all wrecked. Then I discovered that God was not involved in my plans. But now, I put Him first in all I do and everything is working out well for me even better than my former plans. This whole tale is to encourage everyone reading this right now. People are giving up so soon; some have lost hope, others are even on the brink of commiting suicide. But one thing I want everyone to know is this: GOD IS NOT DEAD. Yeah, I agree that it may not be so easy to serve and worship Him whole-heartedly, we all should still try as much as possible to dedicate our lives to Him and worship Him. Until then, we might never get our desired blessings, and we might even be living our lives with risks of different kings. I know this message will not be for all, but for those who are giving up on life or on their sweet dreams and aspirations and need someone to help them, I might not be there to help you physically or financially but I can be of help with my SEVEN encouraging words “NEVER GIVE UP: GOD IS NOT DEAD”. BYE EVERYONE… Please do not forget to pray to God tonight and also, don’t forget to like my post. Also, if you have any question or need my inspirational assistant, you can comment on my page below and I will be glad to assist you all… BYE ONCE AGAIN AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!


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STYLE| Black Day Out x FishNet Trend


Its a New Week, time to come alive or walk like the undead Your Pick! But I have decided to see pass through all the lagos traffic and have a very positive week + It’s My Birthday Week Just incase you did not know :), So POSITIVE VIBES ONLY.

Okay down to today’s look, Nothing serious or complicated. This is Nonye keeping it Simple, classy and little edgy as always. I finally got to join the fishnet trend, though I might be months late. Oh! well i’m not one to jump into trends, like to tell Myself “Nonye you’re a TrendSetter not a TrendFollower”

We’ve established that fact now see how I killed it;

Take a Look!

How to style fishnet trend, Thisthingcalledfashionn

White long sleeve: @MrpNigeria

Black Camisole: Thrifted

Black flare Skirt: Eko Market Street Vendor

Black Fishnet Socks:@Seduisantbynaomi

Black Pumps: @Zara

Black Purse: Thrifted

The black camisole paired with the flare skirt gives…

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Fashion is either a girl’s best friend or worst enemy

* Never wear tights as pants. Think of them as an accessory. you just end up looking horrible like this which isn’t palatable at all and trust me you don’t want that.

Screenshot_2016-03-04-06-38-59-1* Wear stripes, whether horizontally or vertically. try them on shoes or your favourite accessories.

*Wear a lot of whites and other bright colours. come out of your hiding place and be bold.


Don’t ever let the size on the tag fool you. if it looks like it might fit you, hello, try it on

* Don’t be scared to show some skin, try out the cut out trend, a two piece

You are fashionista and true fashion is for those who wish to express themselves through their clothing

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Good day y’all.
Its been really long since I posted though.
I apologise and I am really sorry.
But yeah, I am back.
Today’s not gonna be a talking day; Its gonna be a shopping day.

So all y’all need to do is simple,
Visit rosewholesale 

today, like right now…lol….its a command though…

but seriously, you all need to go to that site, they have really nice products….

And guess what, its really cheap; like far cheaper than any other online store you may know…and yes, they deliver on time, and its safe…

SO now that you know, maybe you may have been craving for this lovely top or this nice pair of shoes, go to the link above and search for whatever outfit or style you like all in your comfort zone…


Thanks y’all…. (am getting addicted to this word though)


Yours truly…..